Friday, 1 April 2011


      I skipped school today..again.. I woke up at 9 something cause my mum woke me up and we went breakfast at 2020 along with my 2 bros,Brian and Kevin. I was still half asleep during breakfast i feel really sick!..finally reach the car i slept back again..FLU + FEVER= SUCK!..hahahhaa..xD..Me and Kevin prank Brian was hilarious!..hahahaha...
    When we finally reached home around 12 something,i slept again till 4 something..hahahha..i slept like a pig a lot today..As im updating my blog now,im still thinking bout sleeping again. OH!..and i currently listening somewhere with you and call you quick by tyler ward..this 2 songs is stuck in my head today.,.i really love it!...and Russ text me and told me to watch Ultraman Leo in youtube which is stupid. I told him im not gonna watch it cause its just a waste of my time!..xD..
      And he finally text me today but somehow i dont feel happy like always when he text me anymore.. Maybe i just been hurt a lot by him but he just dont notice it... Besides,we always dont have topic to talk bout besides how are you all this kind of stuff. My mum say i changed this week cause i seem a lil more quiet than usual and she say i seem lonely always now. She told me to not get myself hurt again cause she scared he is playing around with my feelings like my previous ex Kins and she constantly ask whether he text me or not or did he call.When i say No,she will say maybe he is not into you cause usually guys that are into someone they will always miss their gf and always want to call them and text them no matter what. But ill just stay quiet and say i dont know and say maybe he is just different..Other than that,mum told me some family problems that we had that i didnt know bout and she told me to keep it to myself and not to tell my other siblings bout it..thats definitely a wake up call for me.

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