Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The UPS and DOWNS..

        My day didnt really went that well...A lot bad things keep on happening but hopefully things will get better in time..Ill just wait.. and bout me and him..we havent talk or contact for few days now..he was in a bad mood the other day and i pissed him off by telling him to tell me what happen while he doesnt want too...to him maybe im just disrespecting his private life..guess that was a bad idea..but girls will be girls..we tend to be really curious what makes our boyfriend upset and stuff... I know he wont contact me and so am i..im done trying.. Besides,he looks really happy anyways so he wont need me around...But i need him now..only he knows the problems that im having and is still hoping he will be there to cheer me up..='(.
       Now,i seriously dont wanna give a damn bout anything...just wanna stay at home and do nothing if i can..HOW I WISH!..IM STARTING TO HATE SCHOOL!...Im gonna skip school tomorrow...but i havent ask my brother but i already got my mum's permission from KL..she's the best!..but me and her got girl's argument a lot..hahah!..but i still love my mummy very much!...<3...

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


      Its been a while since i update my blog..i been really busy lately..been going out a lot last weekend..i went out with Journal,Chiam and Ting to lutong beach to take photos for moral folio which is fun..but sadly it end up raining so we hang out at Chiam's coffee shop till the rain stops...and after taking photos at the beach..Journal gave me the permission to drive his car!..xD!..he taught me to reverse too!..it was fun..Ting was sitting beside me and the boys was at the back..they were complaining a lot cause they say i was driving to fast for a beginner but it was fun making them scared but surprisingly Ting was not scared at all!..she was just sitting beside me smiling and so relax and say i drive better than her..=D..hahaha..BOYS ARE SCARDY CAT at times..!..GIRLS RULE!..hahaha..oh!..and that night Journal ask me follow them go out..my mum of course approves because his mum and my mum are like BFFs..hahaha..we went to krukup to watch basketball game but it end early..me and Chiam are starving so we went to pasar malam hunt for Malay food..i ate satte!..yummm...after that went to merdeka mall,airport,servey and Miri old town cause the boys wanna see prostitutes!..Miri Old Town was crowded too because of DAP giving their speech there..
      OH!...i went out with Lo,Karen,Tim and Cecil to boulevard too..we went to play the lil kids car ride..it was fun..we knock each other as if it was bummer car!..hahaha..EPIC MOMENT!...after boulevard they send me home because they were going to Kinslee's house for jamming and watch movie while i got chores to do at home that i promised my mum.. yeaaa.. =(... and i been longing to see HIM..i really MISS HIM SO FREAKING MUCH..='(..i haven't got a text from him for few days now...he said he had no credit but he called my friend Karen and told her to go to Kin's house that day...which kinda disappoints me to think that he might lie to me say he no credit cause maybe he is just lazy to text or something?.. But no matter what..i still love him and it will always stay the same..=)..and i know his the same although he don't show that he loves me...Me and M's 2nd month anniversary is coming soon!..hope he remember tho cause he told me he doesn't really care bout the anniversary as long that he is with me..=)..well...im still waiting and waiting..how long you want me to wait!!!..urgghhh.....geraaammmm....~!..xD..well,im exhausted..time for bed..nite peeps!...

I <3 M..=)

Thursday, 7 April 2011


         I FEEL SO FUCKIN PISSED OUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....^&*%^&$%^&%^**%%$&^%^!!!!!... JUST SEE THINGS THAT I DONT WANNA SEE!!!...URGGGHHHH~!....HOW I WISH YOU COULD UNDERSTAND HOW I FEEL!!...

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

He make me Smile.. =)

        Yesterday was not a really good day for me but i go through it well since i found out someone been betraying me all this while and i just notice..well F*** Y***!..hahahah..im still living my life awesomely anyways!...hahahah...and Yesterday night after tuition i had late dinner with Him <3,Vernon,Russ and Tim joined us but he didnt eat or drink..his on some sort of diet i think..xD
       About TODAY!...nothing much happen..its just that this week extra classes is starting and it is tiring!...i got extra classes on monday n tuesday so that means i have to go to my Ko-K on weds,thurs and Fri..DaaaYuummmmmmm!!!...D=..Came back from school and checked my phone and got a text from him..=)..we text a lot today and it was a fun conversation.. guess thats an improvement huh??..hehehe... and went to tuition today,a lot people didnt came and i dont know why cause they told teacher that they are able to attend this replacement class but end up only 5 show up..bummer..if i knew a lot people are not coming i would not show up too..
       After tuition,i was the last to go home!..cause my mum was chatting wit my dad so i have to wait for her to finish..While waiting i text him and we continue texting till 10 something..its fun to able to text him for free!..hahaha..He just got this thing bout him that make me smile when i think bout him.. Im glad to have him and ill show my appreciation of having him as much as i can..=).. I <3 M.. =D

Sunday, 3 April 2011


          Woke up 9 something and take my shower,day dream,read novel and fell asleep for a while then woke up cause mum is home and she tapao me nasi lalapan ayam..Yummy~!..Ate that and i went to the couch and watch my bro playing PS3 and i fell asleep on the couch..and yes...sleep again~..hahaha..xD...my fever is okay now but still my flu is not getting any better somehow which i hate!...
        Mum woke me up when i was sleeping on the couch around 5 something and she wants me to follow her go Emart..urrghh..the place that i dislike the most..so crowded!...i went there using my pajamas like clothes..xD..i feel 'ucak' but at least i dont use selepar jepun or crocs with it..But people will see me today and forget bout me tomorrow..so what the heck!..hahahahha..and its Emart..no one i know is there anyways..hehehhee...
       I bought roti john and kuih pisang..yumm...while i was eating,mum complain that i didnt play with zoey enough because i was always busy and all and she told me to give it away..but i dont want to..=(..she told me to give it to Timothy but he already has a dog. So i went out immediately and played with Zoey,she is so spoil!..Always coming towards me just so ill rub her belly..hahahaah!..funny dog and the best part is that SHE BURPS!!..XD..just like her owner which is me..hahaahahah! Thats all for today..Today is boring..yes i know..=/

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Nothing Special..=/

       Its Saturday and i had to wake up early this morning to help the school. Lo came to my house and we went to school together.  Me and Lo swept the hall because no one was doing their duty ..%^&*you!..xD..and went to Makmal ICT to prepare the food for the VIP which is George Chan.
       Besides that,we form 5 have a parents meeting with the teachers today. Luckily my mum didnt get mad at me for my extremely horrible results but she told me make sure i study and she made me feel bad for getting bad results because she is being nice to me,she usually scold me but this time its different i guess??..weird huh?.....hahah!..all i can say i got 3Es on my report card..hahaha!..what a way to start my form 5 SPM year!...
     After the meeting,went back to makmal ICT and help them out again. I was bored so i looked out of the wondow and i saw Neil and he took photos of me and Nadiah and i saw Ray the Bodyguard outside too..xD..Few mins later me n cecil was bored so we walked around the school and end up sitting under the 'pondok' at our school Taman Ilmu. Been quite a while since we sat there..Miss those old days..:/..then long came Ray the Bodyguard..xD and Sexy Karen and some other people..so we talked and talked and talked but then we have to go back to the makmal for preparations. We serve the VIPs around 10 something and it was tiring...after serving them,we had to do the cleaning up..which is only left me,Cecelia,Vernon,Haziq and 2 other boys who i dont know who they are..hahhaha...mostly the work was done by cecelia,vernon and me.
    Me and Cecelia went to throw all the garbage then we ran away as fast as we can!.. Because we heard teachers were calling out our names to help them was the dishes..Sorry teachers!..but our duty is to only serve the VIPs and not more..we already did more than we should by helping you guys with the cleaning up!...urgghhhh....Me,Cecelia and Vernon went out together and Lo and Karen is already outside waiting for us. And so,we decided to go to Lutong Cafe for lunch..=)..THE END!..

Friday, 1 April 2011


      I skipped school today..again.. I woke up at 9 something cause my mum woke me up and we went breakfast at 2020 along with my 2 bros,Brian and Kevin. I was still half asleep during breakfast i feel really sick!..finally reach the car i slept back again..FLU + FEVER= SUCK!..hahahhaa..xD..Me and Kevin prank Brian today..it was hilarious!..hahahaha...
    When we finally reached home around 12 something,i slept again till 4 something..hahahha..i slept like a pig a lot today..As im updating my blog now,im still thinking bout sleeping again. OH!..and i currently listening somewhere with you and call you quick by tyler ward..this 2 songs is stuck in my head today.,.i really love it!...and Russ text me and told me to watch Ultraman Leo in youtube which is stupid. I told him im not gonna watch it cause its just a waste of my time!..xD..
      And he finally text me today but somehow i dont feel happy like always when he text me anymore.. Maybe i just been hurt a lot by him but he just dont notice it... Besides,we always dont have topic to talk bout besides how are you all this kind of stuff. My mum say i changed this week cause i seem a lil more quiet than usual and she say i seem lonely always now. She told me to not get myself hurt again cause she scared he is playing around with my feelings like my previous ex Kins and she constantly ask whether he text me or not or did he call.When i say No,she will say maybe he is not into you cause usually guys that are into someone they will always miss their gf and always want to call them and text them no matter what. But ill just stay quiet and say i dont know and say maybe he is just different..Other than that,mum told me some family problems that we had that i didnt know bout and she told me to keep it to myself and not to tell my other siblings bout it..thats definitely a wake up call for me.