Saturday, 2 April 2011

Nothing Special..=/

       Its Saturday and i had to wake up early this morning to help the school. Lo came to my house and we went to school together.  Me and Lo swept the hall because no one was doing their duty ..%^&*you!..xD..and went to Makmal ICT to prepare the food for the VIP which is George Chan.
       Besides that,we form 5 have a parents meeting with the teachers today. Luckily my mum didnt get mad at me for my extremely horrible results but she told me make sure i study and she made me feel bad for getting bad results because she is being nice to me,she usually scold me but this time its different i guess??..weird huh?.....hahah!..all i can say i got 3Es on my report card..hahaha!..what a way to start my form 5 SPM year!...
     After the meeting,went back to makmal ICT and help them out again. I was bored so i looked out of the wondow and i saw Neil and he took photos of me and Nadiah and i saw Ray the Bodyguard outside too..xD..Few mins later me n cecil was bored so we walked around the school and end up sitting under the 'pondok' at our school Taman Ilmu. Been quite a while since we sat there..Miss those old days..:/..then long came Ray the Bodyguard..xD and Sexy Karen and some other we talked and talked and talked but then we have to go back to the makmal for preparations. We serve the VIPs around 10 something and it was tiring...after serving them,we had to do the cleaning up..which is only left me,Cecelia,Vernon,Haziq and 2 other boys who i dont know who they are..hahhaha...mostly the work was done by cecelia,vernon and me.
    Me and Cecelia went to throw all the garbage then we ran away as fast as we can!.. Because we heard teachers were calling out our names to help them was the dishes..Sorry teachers!..but our duty is to only serve the VIPs and not more..we already did more than we should by helping you guys with the cleaning up!...urgghhhh....Me,Cecelia and Vernon went out together and Lo and Karen is already outside waiting for us. And so,we decided to go to Lutong Cafe for lunch..=)..THE END!..

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