Tuesday, 12 April 2011


      Its been a while since i update my blog..i been really busy lately..been going out a lot last weekend..i went out with Journal,Chiam and Ting to lutong beach to take photos for moral folio which is fun..but sadly it end up raining so we hang out at Chiam's coffee shop till the rain stops...and after taking photos at the beach..Journal gave me the permission to drive his car!..xD!..he taught me to reverse too!..it was fun..Ting was sitting beside me and the boys was at the back..they were complaining a lot cause they say i was driving to fast for a beginner but it was fun making them scared but surprisingly Ting was not scared at all!..she was just sitting beside me smiling and so relax and say i drive better than her..=D..hahaha..BOYS ARE SCARDY CAT at times..!..GIRLS RULE!..hahaha..oh!..and that night Journal ask me follow them go out..my mum of course approves because his mum and my mum are like BFFs..hahaha..we went to krukup to watch basketball game but it end early..me and Chiam are starving so we went to pasar malam hunt for Malay food..i ate satte!..yummm...after that went to merdeka mall,airport,servey and Miri old town cause the boys wanna see prostitutes!..Miri Old Town was crowded too because of DAP giving their speech there..
      OH!...i went out with Lo,Karen,Tim and Cecil to boulevard too..we went to play the lil kids car ride..it was fun..we knock each other as if it was bummer car!..hahaha..EPIC MOMENT!...after boulevard they send me home because they were going to Kinslee's house for jamming and watch movie while i got chores to do at home that i promised my mum.. yeaaa.. =(... and i been longing to see HIM..i really MISS HIM SO FREAKING MUCH..='(..i haven't got a text from him for few days now...he said he had no credit but he called my friend Karen and told her to go to Kin's house that day...which kinda disappoints me to think that he might lie to me say he no credit cause maybe he is just lazy to text or something?.. But no matter what..i still love him and it will always stay the same..=)..and i know his the same although he don't show that he loves me...Me and M's 2nd month anniversary is coming soon!..hope he remember tho cause he told me he doesn't really care bout the anniversary as long that he is with me..=)..well...im still waiting and waiting..how long you want me to wait!!!..urgghhh.....geraaammmm....~!..xD..well,im exhausted..time for bed..nite peeps!...

I <3 M..=)

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