Tuesday, 5 April 2011

He make me Smile.. =)

        Yesterday was not a really good day for me but i go through it well since i found out someone been betraying me all this while and i just notice..well F*** Y***!..hahahah..im still living my life awesomely anyways!...hahahah...and Yesterday night after tuition i had late dinner with Him <3,Vernon,Russ and Tim joined us but he didnt eat or drink..his on some sort of diet i think..xD
       About TODAY!...nothing much happen..its just that this week extra classes is starting and it is tiring!...i got extra classes on monday n tuesday so that means i have to go to my Ko-K on weds,thurs and Fri..DaaaYuummmmmmm!!!...D=..Came back from school and checked my phone and got a text from him..=)..we text a lot today and it was a fun conversation.. guess thats an improvement huh??..hehehe... and went to tuition today,a lot people didnt came and i dont know why cause they told teacher that they are able to attend this replacement class but end up only 5 show up..bummer..if i knew a lot people are not coming i would not show up too..
       After tuition,i was the last to go home!..cause my mum was chatting wit my dad so i have to wait for her to finish..While waiting i text him and we continue texting till 10 something..its fun to able to text him for free!..hahaha..He just got this thing bout him that make me smile when i think bout him.. Im glad to have him and ill show my appreciation of having him as much as i can..=).. I <3 M.. =D

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