Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The UPS and DOWNS..

        My day didnt really went that well...A lot bad things keep on happening but hopefully things will get better in time..Ill just wait.. and bout me and him..we havent talk or contact for few days now..he was in a bad mood the other day and i pissed him off by telling him to tell me what happen while he doesnt want too...to him maybe im just disrespecting his private life..guess that was a bad idea..but girls will be girls..we tend to be really curious what makes our boyfriend upset and stuff... I know he wont contact me and so am i..im done trying.. Besides,he looks really happy anyways so he wont need me around...But i need him now..only he knows the problems that im having and is still hoping he will be there to cheer me up..='(.
       Now,i seriously dont wanna give a damn bout anything...just wanna stay at home and do nothing if i can..HOW I WISH!..IM STARTING TO HATE SCHOOL!...Im gonna skip school tomorrow...but i havent ask my brother but i already got my mum's permission from KL..she's the best!..but me and her got girl's argument a lot..hahah!..but i still love my mummy very much!...<3...

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