Sunday, 3 April 2011


          Woke up 9 something and take my shower,day dream,read novel and fell asleep for a while then woke up cause mum is home and she tapao me nasi lalapan ayam..Yummy~!..Ate that and i went to the couch and watch my bro playing PS3 and i fell asleep on the couch..and yes...sleep fever is okay now but still my flu is not getting any better somehow which i hate!...
        Mum woke me up when i was sleeping on the couch around 5 something and she wants me to follow her go Emart..urrghh..the place that i dislike the crowded!...i went there using my pajamas like clothes..xD..i feel 'ucak' but at least i dont use selepar jepun or crocs with it..But people will see me today and forget bout me what the heck!..hahahahha..and its one i know is there anyways..hehehhee...
       I bought roti john and kuih pisang..yumm...while i was eating,mum complain that i didnt play with zoey enough because i was always busy and all and she told me to give it away..but i dont want to..=(..she told me to give it to Timothy but he already has a dog. So i went out immediately and played with Zoey,she is so spoil!..Always coming towards me just so ill rub her belly..hahahaah!..funny dog and the best part is that SHE BURPS!!..XD..just like her owner which is me..hahaahahah! Thats all for today..Today is boring..yes i know..=/

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