Thursday, 31 March 2011


            Today i woke up late around 5:50 and we form 5 have an assembly!...but anyhow,i show up on time and i saw him. He sat the line beside my class but i can only see his sad is that!..??..and he dont even bother to turn around and look at me..:'( i just pretend i didnt know him at all today even when i was walking to my car. I saw him with Pia but i just pretend i didnt  see them i just walk away cause i wanna leave him alone for now.Im sure thats what he wants thats why i havent receive any text from him till today..still waiting~..='(..
         Enough emoingg..xD..I felt vry terrible at school day cause my flu was getting worse and i sat beside the window and it was freezing cold so i wore my blazer the whole day and i even slept during chemistry class. Mdm Dora either she just dont care i sleep or she is just blind enough to not notice that i was sleeping??..hahaha..anyhow,i enjoyed my 15 mins or 20 mins of sleep during her class..At least i felt a lil better after that.
       OH OH!!..during the assembly!..Anita Yii the woman that like to spoil everyone's mood and havent married gotten married yet stole the microphone from the MC to RUDE!!..BOHHOOOOOO YOUUU   %^&*%^&!....XD...and i reach home slept the whole afternoon till around 6 something. D=..amazing..slept like a PIG..but i dont SNORE!...just so u know..hahahahah!..and i played soccer at home with bro..and i kick the ball wrongly with my big toe and it bleed...its not as painful like how i expected or i just get used to the feeling of getting injured??..i got 2 bruises on my thigh and 1 bruises on my leg..the 2 bruises i think came from the knocking of the table and my leg bruises is from closing the car door!..hahaha..i closed the door and it hit my leg..D=..weird huh??..clumsy people get injured with many unexpected reason situations.Thats all bout today..Im gonna post some random photos of me when i was out with mummy..xD


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