Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dinner with Crazy Peeps!...=D

        Just now around 8pm went to Lou Wai Lou with my close friends..It was fun!..altho got some sad things happen that make me feel like wanna cry instantly but i managed to hold it in and i still enjoyed myself as i cant stand not laughing or smiling the whole time of the dinner. It will just spoil everyone's mood and say im emo.. Tim,Vernon and Lo made me laugh the most!!...by just looking at their face talking already made me smile..xD!..i seriously need that today. Today's birthday boy name is Steward Chagat ank Nyalu!..he followed us to the dinner just now and told them to play his CD which is Michael Jackson songs!..R.I.P..we were laughing through the songs as it bring back memories of last year.
        And my ex Kinslee sat opposite of me so i was facing him the whole time of the dinner which i wished didnt happen!...it just remind me of the bad things he did to me but what the hell??..im over him anyways but i just dont really want to see him all the time. and guess what!!??..STEWARD FARTTTTT~!!!...OMGGGGG!!..vernon and kinslee were laughing so loud and all of us were blur cause they sat next to him so they are the only ones that get to listen to the fart sound..xD!!...
     We went back at 10pm and we put on the song friday cause lo download the song for some reason i dont know why??..maybe cause she love that song or something..hahah!..and i told them to keep repeating the song falling in love by ironik ft jessica..=D and we talked bout our last gathering of 2010!..the date was 30th December 2010..we celebrate new year's eve extra early together cause mostly will spend time with family the next day. Here's some of the photos of last year. At CITRUS..=)