Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sad yet Happy :(+ :)= ????

Today,woke up at 4am and continue to do my stuff as i cant really sleep last night so basically i feel kinda tired today. Hoping to get a good night sleep tonight. Till now,still no text or contact from him. Kinda disappointing but i already knew that was coming so i guess im okay with it altho im kinda hurt by it. How i wish to have just this 1 person who really understands me for once or am i just so complicated??..hahaha..never know rite?.. Saw him when i was walking to my car and instantly i felt like crying. So i went home and cry during my shower as i dont want my mum to know im crying over a boy again. (that sounds emo!..crying in the shower??..hahah!).. But then i have to act normal and happy as always just to hide the sadness i actually had inside.Enough with the sad part..moving on..
Mummy and i went to town and went to this shop that sell many type of materials to make dresses and kebaya. I bought my material for my dress im gonna make for my bro's wedding that's coming this November. Yea i know,still long way to go but better to make the dress early so if its not nice can make again!..hahahah..i bought a apple green colour material..lets hope that colour suits me and i just found out im gonna be the bride's made!..yeaayyy!!..hahahah... after that went to poli klinik cause my mum is having this very bad cough that is non stop for bout a week or so now aaannnddddddd after that we went to parkson!!...
Mum bought me a new beg =D!...and i went to popular to shop for my books that i need for my revision and i bought a novel altho i dont really read novels but when i came across this interesting looking book that is about crime and murder i toom it!..hahaha...and went to the cooking books session to buy some cupcakes book. For your info,i really like to bake. My fren sheena love my chocolate cake and nomi is craving for my oreo cheesecake and LO craved for my cupcake since last week and plan to come my house this friday and do cupcakes with me and tell me to teach her. xD!.. Me and mum bought books that cost nearly rm200..wow..spend a lot of daddy's money today..xD!..sorry dadyyyyy...=)..and lastly,this song falling in love by ironik ft jessica lowndes is stuck in my headd~!..still listening to it noww..=D..