Monday, 28 March 2011

Monday =)

      Im still waiting for my friend Timothy Ullok to help me customize my blog page..hahah..xD but while im waiting,i think ill just start posting my 1st blog..=D..Here goes!..
     I just met this guy Ray Jordan is the name..xD..he is my fav english teacher's son as i just knew that not long ago from Karen i think..not sure.. Me and him share a lot things like relationships and he ask me for advice which i told him clearly he is asking the wrong person..hahahaha.was fun knowing him tho..
      And I reached school around 6:45 this morning and i saw him walking passed my car. He didnt even notice me like he used to,i was kinda sad bout it but i decided to start my day off being happy and not gloomy the whole time. After me and him argued yesterday,im not shocked that he will ignore me. Its my fault anyways that i cant control my anger. Enough bout it! next topic..=D
     My sivik teacher was mad at my class and she said that we are proud and same goes with the other teachers in the staff room. Teachers kinda like teenagers and tend to gossip around the staff room. One gossip leads to another and sooner than you know it!...BAMM!!..all the teachers know bout you. Especially we science stream classes always been complained that we are proud. Its not that we think we 'berlagak pandai and dont our homeworks,its because we are just damn Lazy!.. During biology class today,i been scolded by Mr Lee!..again~..hahahhaha!...i cant help it that im not smart enough to answer his questions..
     RECESS! of my friend accompany me to go to the staff room.. as we are walking down the stairs that friend of mine FART!..and she ran up the stairs and left me there with her disgusting fart smell!..and people walk pass thought it was ME as they were looking at me!!..EPIC MOMENTT!..thats what best friends are for i guess??..hahaha!..this remind me of last year where that friend of mine did the same thing as we walked pass some boys and again~..she ran away..and the boys smelled it thought it  was me! embarassinggggg~!!!..hahahaha!..thank god they were just some random what do i care??..hehehe..
    Tonight, tuition again!.and after tuition maybe ill hang out with my friends and just eat late night dinner together at iCafe..=)..i miss my friends from 5sc2 btw.. ='(...

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